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Start today to re-program your subconscious mind into attracting the wealth, wellness, fulfillment, success and results in your MLM business and your life.  Affirmations are a simple way to be in control of your conscious thoughts.  Over time, with repetition, these thoughts become our predominant thoughts and according to Law of Attraction philosophy, you get what you focus your predominant thoughts on.

Available for immediate MP3 download as well as a printable list you can take with you anywhere, this is an incredibly understated and yet powerful tool.

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The MLM Bank is ready and waiting to give you money everyday for 14 days – what are you waiting for???  This is a fun game you can play for however long you like – 14 days or longer, but we recommend daily for a minimum of 14 days to develop the habits this game will teach you.  You will learn how to expand your ability to imagine and visualize.  You will also gain more clarity and specificity to your desires.  You will enhance the flow of money and abundance into your MLM/Network Marketing business and and your life.  The point of the game is to consider all of the fun things to purchase and enjoy the process of actually writing up the deposits and cheques and to treat it as though it is real.  Everyday for 14 days you will receive a sum of money into your “Bank Account”.  Your job is to spend that money on whatever you wish.  Sound easy?  Well the challenge is that the amount will be increased daily and you must spend your daily allowance.  You must also record the deposit into your deposit book and all withdrawals into your cheque book and enter the transactions into your statement.  Playing the game will cause you to offer a more expansive and expectant vibration and manifestations will begin to arrive in response to your changed vibration.  It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s completely FREE!

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MLM Visualization

Start today to re-program your subconscious mind into attracting the wealth, wellness, fulfilment, success and results in your MLM/Network Marketing business and your life.  Visualizations are a simple and yet powerful way for you to focus your energy on creating life precisely as you choose it to be.  Over time, with repetition, this focus will become your reality and according to Law of Attraction philosophy, you get what you focus your predominant thoughts and more importantly, energetic vibration on.  This visualization is tailor-made specifically to MLM/Network Marketers.  In this audio, you will learn how to visualize, what to visualize, how often, for how long and what results you will achieve if energetically aligned to the outcome.

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The Networking Formula for Fast Network Marketing Results 30 Day Bootcamp

“The Networking Formula for FAST Network Marketing Results!”

Get my 30 Day Bootcamp made up of 3 of my top 10 secrets.

In your first 10 days, you’ll learn my top 10 tips to why a lot of people fail in network marketing.  In your second 10 days, I will share with you my top 10 secrets to finding the perfect business for you.  The last 10 days I will reveal the top 10 traits of top networkers.  On day 31, you’ll get my BONUS FREE Recruiting eBook – just my way of saying thanks for signing up for my Bootcamp – “Is Network Marketing Really For You?”  This alone could save you months of hard slog not to mention thousands of dollars.

Learn the very safely guarded secrets of top networkers.

These secrets apply to ANY network marketing business – irrespective of whether you are just getting started or been struggling for a while.

Save yourself costly mistakes by learning what it takes to make your business a success right from the start!

Find out my top 10 secrets to finding the perfect business for you – you may find the one you’re in isn’t right for you.

Use my top 10 secrets “cheat sheet” on how to know if you are failing or not.  This alone could save you thousands of dollars not to mention months of agony!

Remove the guesswork, take away the pain and worry about what to do, when to do it and how.

Find out my secrets to how I’ve successfully built several businesses in multiple countries and exactly what I did to get promoted and fast!

Follow my step-by-step system that I have used with countless clients.

In my 30 Day Bootcamp, you’ll learn:

  • What’s the number 1 rule in how to fail and number 3 secret to success in network marketing – the answer might surprise you;
  • What are “The Birds” and how do they affect your business;
  • What key ingredients needs to be present if you are going to succeed with a company;
  • How do I find out if a company is legit or not and where do I check to find out;
  • What variables affect my success;
  • Huge mistakes people commonly make and how you can avoid them straight away.

Create a profitable network marketing business foundation.

Forget the “ra ra” rallies and seminars.  This is nuts and bolts, precisely my secrets on what I have learned in over 20 years in the industry.  And I’m giving it to you – because I want you to succeed!

Get started today.  As soon as you register, you’ll receive Day 1 of my “Top 10 Secrets Of Why People Fail In Network Marketing” – “Lack of Coachability and Trainability”.  You’ll get great content immediately in your Inbox that you can start applying today.

PLUS as a special thanks for signing up for my 30 Day Bootcamp, you’ll receive my special recruiting ebook on day 31 “Is Network Marketing Really For You?”  Read this and you’ll know for sure whether or not you are in the right industry.  Let’s face it, it isn’t for everyone is it?  So wouldn’t you rather find out now instead of handing over your hard earned cash and precious time?

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50 Golden Prospecting Questions E-Book

Get people saying “YES” to your opportunity fast! Ever stuck in a situation where someone you were talking you sounded like the absolute perfect prospect for your business but you were too scared to ask them the prospecting question? Are you terrified of what to say to those you know, let alone those you don’t know? Well worry no more because I have 50 options for you right here! No doubt there will be more than one to suit practically every situation you will ever be faced with and you can communicate to your prospects with confidence, poise and professionalism. No more sounding like a slick, slimey snake-oil salesman. NO! We are Professional Network Marketers! Practise a few of these sentences until you feel comfortable and before long you will be able to communicate your opportunity to anyone and everyone at anytime and thus increasing your numbers exponentially. Have fun with it!

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50 Golden Recruiting Questions E-Book

Ever wondered why Script Books don’t work?  Sick of sounding like a robot on the phone?  Lost for what to say to prospects?  Looking for a methodology that just works?

This e-book will shatter some widely held beliefs, expose some truths and give solid nuts and bolts training on what to say, what not to say, when to say it, how to say it, to whom and why.  You’ll learn an acronym that will make conversations so much easier with respect to sharing your business with prospects, taking the pressure off both you and the prospect and by following some simple strategies, learn how to make people fall in love with you and what you have to offer them.  By the time you have finished reading this e-book, you will be equipped to confidently and professionally go out and start having more empowering and fun conversations.

Here’s a few examples:  “Do you feel that there are obstacles standing in the way of where you are now and where you would like to be?” and “How long are you willing for your current situation to continue?” and “What could you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” and “How do you want to feel?”  Not exactly the types of questions you were expecting were you?  But what if someone asked YOU these questions – how would they make YOU feel?  Pressured or empowered?  Drilled or feel that the person on the other end of the phone was really caring about you and what you wanted to achieve?

Available for immediate download.  Feel free to print it out, pop it in a loose leaf folder and carry it around with you.

Get more people in front of your opportunity TODAY! Grab your copy NOW and together, let’s transform the industry from “amateurs training amateurs” into professionals empowering professionals.

Downloadable and printable PDF format.

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50 Golden Follow Up Questions E-Book

Are you setting the appointment after you have sent someone some information about your business? If not, why not?? Jim Rohn used to say that the fortune is always in the follow up and he was right! Most of your business is going to come from following people up. People are not going to call you to get started, believe it or not – you are going to have to call them. And maybe more than once. You know that if it was easy everyone would be doing it, right? There are no shortcuts to success in anything and Network Marketing is no exception. If you are stuck on what to say on your follow up call, then here are 50 different questions to ask your prospect. Hopefully by now you have downloaded my “50 Golden Prospecting Questions” and “50 Golden Recruiting Questions” e-books so you know how to confidently and professionally prospect and recruit people by using effective communication (ie asking questions). Now is the time to put the rubber to the road. The follow up is when you get people either saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to you. And how many yesses you get will dictate how big and fast your team will grow and be a direct result of how well you ask questions on the follow up call. Get this right and business will flow and will be FUN! You don’t have to ask all 50, pick whichever questions best suit your situation. Easily and effortlessly build your team starting today. Now go out there, follow up and create your fortune!

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50 Golden Lead Generation Strategies E-Book

Find 5 – 10 people to talk to daily about your opportunity! I would have to say that most Network Marketers have no idea on how to market. Once they run out of warm market prospects to talk to, then what?? “But Fiona my company won’t let me advertise!” Yes they will – you just don’t mention your company name. Simple as that. Download this list to give you 50 ideas on how to promote your business. And this isn’t theory – this is tested, proven methods that I have done myself and have generated people to talk to from. All you have to do is a minimum of 4, persistently and consistently for a minimum of 90 days and watch the magic happen. There’s nothing more complicated than that. No doubt you will get some ‘ah-ha’s from this list. Now you have no excuses on how to build your business. It’s all here and completely complimentary because I’m committed to your success. All the best!

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