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Fiona is an inspiration to all women. Her real and honest approach to Coaching is refreshing and relatable. I am a 23 year old budding entrepreneur and business woman and Fiona has been a huge help throughout the initial phases of my business establishment. Fiona is a great resource given her extensive business experience and is invaluable to bounce ideas off. Thank you for your time and help at this early stage of my career and journey through life.

– Haelee, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


Fiona is a very effective Life Coach.  She is a great listener and asks the right questions to lead people to very solid decisions.  She helps people focus and prioritize.  She has a special ability to help you look at any problem in a different way and find meaningful solutions.  If you are looking for a Coach to help you move forward to achieve your goals, I highly recommend Fiona.

– Sue, Victoria, Australia



Fiona is a highly skilled Law of Attraction Coach.  Her knowledge about how to effectively use the Law of Attraction and her inspirational and motivational coaching helped me to achieve my goals and dreams quite fast.  Within only a 3 week period of Coaching I was able to manifest some very important things in my life.  I’d recommend Fiona’s Coaching to everyone seeking to fulfill their dreams sooner rather than later!

– Corina, British Columbia, Canada


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Fiona came at just the right time and I jumped at the opportunity, knowing that she is an expert in personal development, the Law of Attraction as well as working with network marketing business owners.  Fiona helped, gently pushed and held me accountable in my challenges with time management, finding time for myself and making time to spend with friends/family on a regular basis to have some fun.   She also Coached me on how to manifest things into my life and held me accountable for my business goal of becoming a well-known speaker on personal development and business.  I received valuable tips on how to not procrastinate.  She did a really fun exercise with me, called the Wheel of Life, surprising me how out of whack my life is, when I had thought I was cruising along ok. Now it is a major goal of mine to bring my life into balance in all areas.  I would recommend Coaching with Fiona to anyone who wants to experience leaps and bounds in their life and business.  As a Network Marketer and Coach, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge that I wished I had years ago, and could have used a helping hand in making a success of my business then. Thanks a million Fiona.

Ruth, Victoria, Australia



I hired Fiona as I felt that I needed guidance, reassurance and clarity in my thinking.  Fiona really listened and heard my thoughts and helped me to look at things from a different perspective.  Thank you so much Fiona for being there for me, understanding where I wanted to go and getting me there.  I would highly recommend Fiona as a Coach as she understands and listens to all that is being said and not being said, makes sense of it all and offers powerful suggestions.

–  Lisa S. – Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


14571836_10154556342518770_1125755296_o“Before starting with Fiona I was frustrated with my business and myself. I felt that my business was moving in a direction that I didn’t want to go in. I was also faced with additional financial pressures as a single mother. I needed some guidance from a coach with an existing MLM business and I wanted to work with someone not too different from me – young family, similar age etc.

I knew that there were other gaps in my personal growth that needed filling and that it wasn’t just the business stuff I needed to work on. I knew that I was getting in my own way with my perfectionistic tendencies and procrastination and that I needed to dig a little deeper to work out WHY and what to do. The best part for me has been the mix of MLM and business coaching, mentoring and LOA coaching. It brings everything together for me. It’s like having three coaches rolled into one! Fiona can switch hats depending on the need and that is the biggest thing for me! I’ve had some great insights into what I need to do to grown my biz, planning, getting over my hurdles (including fear of both success and failure!). Fiona has also called me out on a couple of occasions where I have been a bit off my game and ready to take the easy road. She will question me and give just the right amount of tough love to get me to go, “Are you going to take the easy road Laura? Dig deep and get back up!”. I need that and she knows when do it. It’s also been great to have someone in my corner cheering me on and helping me to celebrate the wins, no matter how small. It’s easy to forget them and focus on what didn’t work, but I have a greater appreciation for those little wins. One of the biggest outcomes from working with Fiona is that I don’t beat myself up for those lows – I have a new found appreciation for them as I know without them I couldn’t also have the highs. For me that is a new experience and allows me to see the lows with a different mindset. I would gladly recommend Fiona to others. I really think she offers a unique perspective with her mix of skills and knowledge in MLM, mentoring, business coaching, LOA and well, life. There is always a focus on honesty and authenticity. It’s not about her giving me a list of what successful people too. Her approach is very much tailored to what I am doing and feeling each week and I love that. I really love the weekly coaching prep forms as they give me time to reflect on what I have achieved, any challenges and the focus for the session and the week. I also like that Fiona doesn’t over complicate things. Suggestions of processes, service (Eg Vas), products(eg. WordPress), ways to work etc are all designed to be effective and easy to use/do. Working 4 days and as a single mum with a small child, I don’t have much spare time so this advice is gold to me. She is very generous in sharing what has worked and what hasn’t and why.”

–  Laura D., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.