According to Who and Compared To What?

I listened to an amazing training on this recently and thought this ranks up there with the other prophetic question “is this a moment of pure joy or learning”.  This is what self-awareness is all about.  These are such fundamentally simple questions to ask yourself, however like many things in life, are equally as powerful.  It doesn’t take much time to do, but could make such a massive difference in not only supporting you in making decisions with clarity, but transform the way in which you see the world.

What is your frame of reference?  More often than not we base the choices we make in everyday living based on our upbringing, the culture of our parents and those around us as children, teachers etc, our peer group, our colleagues, television and the like.  But are the opinions and values and beliefs of those people necessarily aligned with our own value system?  Sometimes they can be polar opposites.  And we can go through life just accepting other people’s opinions, values, expectations and so forth in directing how we live our own lives.  We give our power away to others quite oblivious that they don’t really have such a close vested interest in what we are up to.

Let’s take an example of getting started in your MLM for the very first time.  A friend tells you it’s a pyramid scheme, a scam and you should stay away (some of us have heard this more than once).  So again, you can apply these two questions – according to who and compared to what?  Who says a scam is a scam?  What actually constitutes a scam anyway?  The fact is, most people have no idea how to articulate exactly what a pyramid scheme is and what authorities to approach in order to find out.  Use your own good judgement here.  You could choose to blindly accept your friend who probably has no clue what they are on about but mean well or you could do your own research and find out the facts.

Now here’s an interesting point.  What exactly is a fact?  The Oxford Dictionary definition is as follows:

“A thing that is known or proved to be true.  A piece of information used as evidence or as part of a report or news article.  Used in discussing the significance of something that is the case.”  Now if we analyse this a little closer, we can see that a ‘fact’ is in fact a rather subjective term.  Known or proved to be true by who?  In comparison to what?  A report or news article is really just someone’s take on something is it not?  Discussion is merely speculation in many situations.

So merely citing something as ‘fact’ is quite simply subjectivity, opinion, speculation or heresay.  Kind of changes the landscape on what we see as fact or fiction now doesn’t it?

So I challenge you.  In your everyday dealings with situation and with people, stop and ask yourself not only the powerful and evocative question of “is this pure joy or learning” but “according to who and compared to what”.  You will forge a pathway that is not only inextricably yours but you will also question everything you read, see or hear and see the world in a different light.  It could well transform your world in every way.  Love to hear your experience with this.

About the author

Fiona J Lindsay

Fiona just loves life! Having been in business for herself full-time for 10 years, she has shown herself to be incredibly focussed and dedicated in assisting others to finding fulfillment and balance in their lives. Currently, she works with a leading and well respected biotechnology company in the wellness and “Transferceutical” field alongside working with a multi-Award winning direct sales media company within the personal and leadership development sector. She also manages her time well enough to fit in running a B&B and coaching other people to creating life results and success via her Life Coaching business – Serendipity Life Coaching. Naturally, her specialty is in assisting other Networkers – an industry she is deeply passionate about.

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