Possibility Thinking or Pathology – Which One Are You?

If you’ve studied psychology or coaching you will have heard this phrase before.  Wilbur’s Integral Theory philosophy approach to psychology discusses how pathologies emerge at different timelines of our lifetime as a direct result to our psychological responses to what is going on at that time.  How often do we hear things such as “it’s doing the rounds” or “everyone gets colds in winter” or “my son/daughter brought it home from school”.  Consider what Bob Proctor said in “The Secret” about breaking down the word disease.  Dis-ease – it’s a body that is not at ease.  And we consider this to be ‘normal’?  As per my last blog post – according to who and compared to what?  Sorry folks but I firmly believe we have all been fed BS.  The sad part is that so many of us actually believe it.

I was always sick as a kid.  I was in and out of hospital every few weeks/months with serious asthma.  Asthma attacks were a ‘normal’ part of life for me.  And usually a stay in hospital was for a duration of around 2 – 3 weeks.  A ‘normal’ day of school for me would be medicating every two hours with my Mother getting me up during the night so I could have some more.  So add it all up and I would spend months every year in hospital.  Now we all know and have heard of asthma and allergies and they are widely accepted.  But it wasn’t until I became an adult that I learned that my asthma was purely emotional.  Without going into great detail, my Father wasn’t around while I was growing up and a large part of my childhood was either my Mum and I flying interstate to visit my Father or him coming to visit us – usually in Motel rooms.  It was all great when I saw him, however unfortunately every time he left, I would get sick.  It got to a point where my Mother severed all ties with my Father in an attempt to quite simply save my life!

Now emotional illnesses were never really seriously considered when I was a child.  Not nearly as much as they are today.  Sadly I’ve been so over medicated that I have developed a resistance to antibiotics meaning if I do happen to get sick these days, it requires immediate hospital intervention.  My lungs are also horribly damaged as a result.  I still have to medicate but only twice a week these days.

You see I have managed to look within and see the possibility of healing my past and therefore transforming my future.  I don’t suffer anywhere near as much as I used to.  I’ve made peace with my parents and my past.  It no longer has the stranglehold over me it was once did.  I am no longer angry, rebellious, vengeful, full of blame and lacking in responsibility.

So my question for you today is to question your headspace.  Are you of the possibility mindset or the pathology one.  Do you look for a pill to solve all of your woes rather than investigating what may be causing them?  Most inflammatory diseases or auto-immune disorders have a direct trace back to something emotional.  Cancer is in the same boat.  I’ve seen people die from cancer who had intense stress, unforgiveness, anger, hurt, sadness, blame and poor lifestyle choices usually manifested as a direct result from the above.  We all know someone who actually nurtures their curse enabling their pathology to overtake them and in so doing turn them into a victim.  We’ve all heard these people say things like “oh no I’ve tried everything – nothing makes it better”.  They cling on to the cheap medicines that keep them in that very pathology, masking it like a blanket instead of addressing the real root causes.  Sometimes all we need is a simple pause for introspection and have a very close look at what is really going on.  Sometimes we need the support and guidance of someone else to remedy it.  But whatever “it” is, get it dealt with.  Otherwise it becomes a parasite that quite literally sucks the life out of us.  So make a choice – are you the possibility mindset or the pathology??  70% of all hospital admissions are a direct result of lifestyle choices and it’s those lifestyle choices that are guided by our mindset.  Empower yourself or be a victim.  It is all your choice.  And if this offends you – GOOD!  Time to start that investigation.

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Fiona J Lindsay

Fiona just loves life! Having been in business for herself full-time for 10 years, she has shown herself to be incredibly focussed and dedicated in assisting others to finding fulfillment and balance in their lives. Currently, she works with a leading and well respected biotechnology company in the wellness and “Transferceutical” field alongside working with a multi-Award winning direct sales media company within the personal and leadership development sector. She also manages her time well enough to fit in running a B&B and coaching other people to creating life results and success via her Life Coaching business – Serendipity Life Coaching. Naturally, her specialty is in assisting other Networkers – an industry she is deeply passionate about.

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